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Learn about the Global Health Impact Index

Check out this video from Binghamton University for a brief presentation on the Global Health Impact project. Professor Nicole Hassoun introduces the Index, some possible uses for it, and explains the insight behind it.

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For more videos about the Global Health Impact Index, visit our YouTube channel.

Global Health Impact

Imagine a world where people everywhere have access to the life-saving drugs they need to fight diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS. To help extend access on essential medicines, we have to understand the problem. The Global Health Impact Index opens the door to positive change by considering how essential medicines for TB, HIV/AIDS, and malaria are affecting global health.

Evaluating Drugs

There are three main considerations that go into evaluating each drug’s potential impact. These are 1) the need for the drug, 2) its effectiveness, and 3) how many people who need a drug can access it around the world. In the Global Health Impact model, the drug impact scores feed into four Indexes that provide essential information about the access to medicines problem.

The Indexes

The Drug Index ranks the drugs by their impact scores. The Disease Index looks at the size of the drugs’ impact on each of the diseases. The Country Index looks at the amount of need in each country that is alleviated by the drugs used in that country. The Company Index ranks companies by the sum the impact of the drugs each company makes. For more general information on the construction of each Index, see resources and for technical papers see methodology. For more information on the Company Index, in particular, see Companies and Drugs.

Potential Uses

There are many ways Global Health Impact information might be useful to policy makers, researchers, companies investors, consumers, and other people interested in global health. For some information about potential uses of the Index, see Resources and News. Together we can leverage the Global Health Impact Index to save millions of lives.

Introduction to the Indexes

Check out this presentation for an introduction to the Indexes. Here you can see some of the data that goes into the model. For more information check out our Resources, Reports, and Methodology.