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Presentation at Harvard University

Check out this video with a presentation on the Global Health Impact Index from a recent conference at Harvard University


Global Justice and Global Health

An interview on New Books in Philosophy that discusses the Global Health Impact Proposal.

Global Health Impact featured on Voice of America

Voice of America details the impact of the Index and how it tracks areas in the world where medicine would make the most impact.

Check out the News on National Public Radio

National Public Radio’s Marketplace highlights the Global Health Impact Index.

Binghamton University Magazine Summer 2015 Edition

BU showcases the GHI as an online source of information about companies and their drugs.

The Conversation Publishes an Article for Global Health Impact

How can we get pharmaceutical companies to do more for global health? Try ranking them.

Read about the Index on News Medical

Professor Hassoun says "We are looking at the outcomes of the drugs that the companies hold, so the actual impact on death and disability."

SFGate republishes the article from The Conversation on Global Health

SFGate reiterates the article from The Conversation.

Learn More about the Index at Capital New York

Capital New York talks about the motivation for the index and gets some feedback from companies.

Science News Line Article on GHI

Binghamton University's Professor Hassoun looking at the outcomes and impact of drugs on death and disability.

Health Medicine Network Looks at the GHI

Many companies develop and supply drugs, but which companies actually make an impact? Find out on Health Medicine Network!

The Wall Street Journal: Pharmalot

Pharmalot highlights some companies' replies to the index's launch.

Check out the Global Health Impact Index on CDHR

Special guest Nicole chronicles the Human Development Index at the Centre for Development and Human Rights.

From Belgium: Big Pharma and the Health of the Poorest

Belgium newspaper article talks about the GHI.

Impact Ethics Discusses Index

Impact Ethics covers the release of the Index and its benefits.

Harvard Law Reviews the Index

Harvard Law discusses the rating system that serves as a foundation for the Index.

Academics Stand Against Poverty Tracks the Index

ASAP explains how the Index hopes to motivate pharmaceutical companies to act on the health of people worldwide.

Compass Covers the Index

Blog post describes the uneven availability of key medications concluded from the Index.

Highlighting the Index

Academics Stand Against Poverty highlights the Global Health Impact Index: Harnessing Consumer Choice to Drive Global Health Impact.

Op-Ed on the Global Health Impact Index

Council on Foreign Relations Development Channel Article Explains One Possible Use for the Global Health Impact Index: Fair Trade for Health.

News Brief on Globalization and Global Health Impact

Check out a recent news article that talks about the Global Health Impact Index.

Spanish Website Writes About the Global Health Impact

América Economía showcases the impact of the GHI.

Other Podcasts and Videos

A podcast from a lecture on the Global Health Impact Index at Santa Clara University

For more videos about the Global Health Impact Index, visit our YouTube channel.



Making an Impact

This Harvard Global Health Footprint video explains the importance of rating systems like the Global Health Impact Index for global health.