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The State of the Discipline
How to Distribute Scarce Health Resources
Fair Trade
The Human Right to Health
Consumption and Social Change
A Brief for Pluralism: Defending the Relevance of Coercion for Global Justice
New Data on Women in Philosophy Journals
How People Think About Distributing Aid
Eternally Separated Lovers
Modeling Key Malaria Drugs' Impact on Global Health
Basic Capacities, Coercion, and Liberal Legitimacy
Individual Responsibility for Promoting Global Health
Variable Population Poverty Comparisons
The Global Health Impact Index
World Poverty and Individual Freedom

  • A Reply to Sondernholm
  • The Evolution of Wealth; Democracy or Revolution?
    Human Rights View on Debt-for-Nature Swaps
    Aspect of Variable Population Poverty Comparisons
    Raz on the Right to Autonomy
    Global Health Impact
    Dealing Ethically with Disability: A Proposal to Avoid Discriminating Against the Disabled
    Institutional Theories and International Development
    Conserving Nature; Preserving Identity
    Free Trade, Poverty, and the Environment
    Free Trade and the Environment
    Free Trade, Poverty, and Inequality
    Making Free Trade Fair
    Empirical Evidence and the Case for Foreign Aid
    Meeting Need
    Human Rights and the Minimally Good Life
    The Anthropocentric Advantage
    Global Justice and Charity
    Basic Needs
    Consumption and Social Change
    World Bank Rules for Aid Allocation
    The Moral Permissibility of Infanticide
    Rating Efforts to Extend Access on Medicines
    Case for Renewable Energy and a New Energy Plan
    Nanotechnology, Enhancement, and Human Nature
    Global Justice in a Globalizing World
    Sustaining Cultures in the Face of Globalization

    Working Papers

    Libertarian Welfare Rights?

    Wilderness, the Wild, and Aesthetic Appreciation

    Realism and Idealism in International Affairs

    Hope and the Virtue of Creative Resolve

    The Human Right to Health and the Minimally Good Life

    Coercion Beyond Borders

    Coercion, Legitimacy, and Justice: A Defense of Coercion Accounts of Justice’s Grounds

    Fair Trade Under Fire

    Global Health and Global Justice

    Aid and Future Generations

    From Free Trade to Fair Trade

    Universal Health Coverage Post-2015: Measuring Global Health Impact

    The Global Health Impact Index

    Beyond Measure? Reflections on the Value of Life

    Poverty Measurement and the Value of Human Life

    Effectiveness Analysis for Global Health

    The Case for Consuming Global Health Impact Certified Goods

    A Brief for Pluralism: Non-Voluntary Relations and Global Justice

    Global Health and Ethical Consumerism

    Utopianism in Ideal Theory and Practice

    Data on Women in Philosophy

    Hope and Human Rights

    Falling from Grace

    Is Reproduction Permissible or Required?

    Measuring Tuberculosis Medicines' Global Health Impact

    The Human Right to Health

    The Minimally Good Life