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BOOK: Globalization and Global Justice: Shrinking Distance, EXpanding Obligations
Cambridge university press
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Working Papers
Variable Population Poverty Comparisons Wilderness, the Wild, and Aesthetic Appreciation
Global Health Impact Coercion, Legitimacy, and Global Justice
World Poverty and Individual Freedom The Extending Access Index
  • Coercion, Legitimacy, and Individual Freedom: A Reply to Sondernholm
  • Libertarian Welfare Rights?
    The Problem of Debt-for Nature Swaps from a Human Rights Perspective How People Think About Distributing Aid
    An Aspect of Variable Population Poverty Comparisons COMING SOON
    Raz on the Right to Autonomy Fair Trade Bio
    Institutional Theories and International Development Ideal Theory and Practice
    Conserving Nature; Preserving Identity Justice and Future Generations
    Free Trade, Poverty, and the Environment God and Love
    Free Trade and the Environment Effective Analysis for Global Health
    Free Trade, Poverty, and Inequality The Case for Consuming Global Health Impact Certified Goods
    Making Free Trade Fair A Brief for Pluralism: Non-Voluntary Relations and Global Justice
    Empirical Evidence and the Case for Foreign Aid Global Health and Ethical Consumerism
    Meeting Need Utopianism in Ideal Theory and Practice
    Human Rights and the Minimally Good Life Fair Trade Under Fire
    The Anthropocentric Advantage
    Basic Needs
    Consumption and Social Change
    World Bank Rules for Aid Allocation
    The Moral Permissibility of Infanticide
    Rating Efforts to Extend Access on Essential Medicines
    The Case for Renewable Energy and a New Energy Plan
    Nanotechnology, Enhancement, and Human Nature
    Global Justice in a Globalizing World  
    Sustaining Cultures in the Face of Globalization  

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